Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For the last couple of weeks I have been involved in a rather time consuming, nerve stretching and pocketbook emptying activity. Many websites, phone calls and bids have been involved in this little DOT to DOT game. Being the giving sort of person I am, I will share with you the "secret passages" in this game, so that you can proceed to the ultimate goal of a successful move.

First step would be to fill out an online quote request with your email address and phone number. Before you have time to even double toast an English muffin (aren't they the best?) your inbox will receive bids and your phone will begin to ring.

Secondly, go ahead and butter that English muffin, because you'll need the energy to proceed to the next level.

After munching on that tasty, crunchy treat start your comparison shopping of the bids you've received. You might want to have movers who are paid by the hour, or you might choose to list everything you want moved and go that route. That decision will be based on the distance of the move and if you just need help with the larger pieces or everything you own. Get bids for both ways, by the hourly rate and by the total weight of your stuff.

Be sure not to make any decisions concerning the contract, until you finish all the necessary background checks for the moving companies.

You will receive bids and on those bids you should find a TX DOT number for the moving company. Those numbers are essential as that is how the governing agency keeps track of legitimate moving companies and any complaints against them.

As I checked out some companies, I was astonished that their licenses had been revoked or expired. The complaints were listed by date and resolutions, if any.

If a company doesn't have a license, then it really is "Buyer Beware." You might save a few dollars, but at a risk of being ripped off by some fly-by-night company who might use day laborers, unreliable vehicles, no insurance to protect your possessions and then add extra charges before they release your furniture at the end of the move.

Oh, one last "HINT" about moving, try not to move during a hurricane. Hurricane Alex is coming to Texas the end of this week and we'll fight him with bubble wrap, tape, cartons and shaking fists to the stormy sky.

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  1. I don't know how far you are moving Ferret, but for local moving of some real heavy stuff,4 tons, I have used Crossroads movers, $90 a hour, two hour minimum, a truck and three people. Of course this was a in town move so no mileage charges applied.