Saturday, June 26, 2010


Stressful couple of days, so I appreciated the relief I found in small moments like this. Carefully packing yesteryear, drying tears and dividing broken dreams among two households was difficult.

Even though my Grandlove is so little, he was able to lighten the tasks, turn tears into smiles and turn regret into hope.

For those over-the-top safety minded readers: We were VERY careful that he didn't eat the "Bubbles". Actually, he was more fascinated with the swooshing sound the plastic made as he waved it around, then when we demonstrated the pleasure of popping the wrap. Each to their own as far as bubblewrap is concerned, I suppose.

I am just grateful that this precious distraction helped my mounting blood pressure ease down a bit.

Next weekend, THE MOVE. And the next chapter of life for two people who have been through the wringer and deserve a happy, stable life.


  1. Too cute. Perfect distraction and source of smiles. He is too cute! Love the curls!

  2. Thank you for all of your kind comments on my blog. I am far behind in reading my peeps' blogs, but am with you in spirit as you support your daughter and grandson in this move.

    Packing up one's life and things to begin anew is a hard task. She is blessed to have the unconditional love of her mother with her as she does this. Your thought process is very clear, and will help her a great deal. Your focus on the task at hand, and your love for the two of them, can have a calming effect on the situation. God bless you as you step in for your precious ones. (And may her soon-to-be-ex-husband be guided to think and act rightly - it sounds as if he needs prayers, as well.)

    Your dog is a cutie, both before and after his "spa day!"

    Your offer of help to the hospital/cancer community is very dear. One of the great ways to help is to join (or volunteer to help) a guild. If money is an issue, don't join - just volunteer! Another way to help, if you would like to use your writing skills, is to get involved with a group like Team Unite ( or CureSearch, and offer to help, write letters to Congress, etc. I hope these ideas are useful - thank you SO much for your kindness and generosity!
    Blessings to you!