Monday, June 21, 2010


In the next couple of weeks we are undertaking a task that can send chills down the bravest, strongest people.

When you first look around at what is to moved, it doesn't feel like such a big deal, but then once you delve into the depths of the drawer, shelves and cabinets you realize that a couple of boxes won't be enough to even get started. So that realization sets you off on a box quest. No store is too obscure, no previously occupying merchandise is off limits and no store manager is too stern to keep me from seeking durable boxes for FREE. Sure, some less experienced movers might resort to buying moving boxes from a moving company, but where's the challenge?

So, three liquor stores were contacted today and these were the responses to my plea for free carboard boxes:
1. "We save our boxes for our customers." Since we don't drink, that sort of leaves us off their customers' mailing list. (Maybe liquor would make moving more interesting, but I'll pass.)

2. "The manager wants to keep all the boxes, because we will reuse them." Right, you will need them when the Vodak bottles are returned for refills. Come on.

3. "Sure, come on by and pull around to the back." So, my little car is now loaded with every kind of liquor store product you can imagine. Nice manager and I didn't even have to sign up for product testing or mixology classes.

The boxes will gain their new occupants soon and wait for the people to carry them to their new home.

Speaking of a new home, there are many items too big and heavy for this old couple to manage. Many phone calls and emails have garnered bids for professional movers to wrap, load and transport the larger items.

If we went the way of just "inviting" some young, healthy friends over, we would feel obligated to pay for gas, feed them and wind up with other costly repayments. So, all that considered, we will move the smaller items and leave the professionals tackle the heavy wooden furniture.

Since we are in South Texas and we have the heat and humidity to prove it, the move will test our mental and physical strengths.

Wish all the anger, pain and hurt can be left behind, but I fear that some will creep into the moving boxes, no mater how fast I tape closed the cartons.

A couple of days to pack, a day to move and then a new lifetime for a couple of precious family members who deserve a calm, positive and supportive environment.


  1. Not to be trite, but I think I would have to visit a liquor store if I had to move, and it wouldn't be for the boxes! I HATE moving almost worse than anything else.

    I feel for you guys for every reason you are having to do this. This is a new beginning and it will be a good move.

    Wishing those making changes all the best! God speed and God's grace as you start anew.

  2. Poor babies, but a chance to cull the possessions that possess you after a time. Call the unemployment office and get a couple of strong backs for eight or nine bucks an hour. It's money well spent. Sorry you have to do this under pressure. - Loon

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