Saturday, August 13, 2011


We went to the coast this week and we were able to enjoy nature.  A beautiful dolphin flirted with us, as we crossed the bridge over to the bay.  (No, it wasn't this one, but it looked pretty much like this.)  Then we went to the beach and chilled in the shade, while three brave souls went into the water.  I couldn't believe they would, when Soul Surfer was still so fresh in their minds.  No drama though, just a nice time and we enjoyed entertaining our little Grandlove in the shade by the picnic table.  A fresh, constant breeze cooled us, the noisy sea gulls begged from us and laughter bubbled to the surface.  

Wonderful day, simple pleasures, which we all needed, since this week will be tiring and terrifying.  So, when we sit listening to the doctor discussing the necessary, scary operation, we can bring forth the soothing beach memories of this week.


  1. Isn't it wonderful how the water can be such a energizing, yet calming force? I am so glad you all got to do this.

    Thanks for writing again.

  2. How lovely for you all to get out for a while and just BE.

    I've never seen a dolphin, except in aquariums, so that is something special for you and yours.

    Take care, Ferret.