Saturday, August 27, 2011


I am actually quite tolerant of different people, but there is one type of person who really makes my jaw clench, my stomach ache and my blood pressure spike.  If a person lies, then I have no use for them, since I don't have the time or energy to try to figure out what part of their words are covered in lies.  When their mouths open, I automatically know that there will be a lie in there, so with a disgusted click of tongue and eye roll, I dismiss them from my universe.  Essentially, liars are no more important to me than the cardboard that is found inside the roll of toilet paper near my commode.  Insignificant and a bother to contend with at the end of the roll of paper. 

There still is a cardboard person who I have to deal with quite frequently because of circumstances.  I find that just the anticipation of having him around is enough to make my teeth hurt.  If his lies didn't affect people who are kind and loved by me, then maybe I wouldn't be so bothered with this shallow, ignorant, liar.  Unfortunately, the blow back from his lies has impacted my loved ones and when that happens, I find it very difficult to hold my temper.  Since I can't take care of family members if I am locked away,  my hands stay at my side, my tongue is kept civil and my temper is dampened. 

There better be a place where this person's lies, evil intentions and anger is put squarely in front of him and he is held accountable for his actions.  Let's just hope that the day of accountability happens before he injures any more innocent loved ones.


  1. You are a better woman than I. Liars are my biggest annoyance as well....I have been fighting them all week long, with persistance & determination I have slowly been exposing them for what they are, but geez it is exhausting & extremely frustrating, tedious work! I will admit I am not always civil & even openly hostile, but at least I'm honest!

    You would think at this juncture he would be on his best sad that he is not.

  2. Jerks are jerks, no matter what. If they felt bad about their behavior, they wouldn't act badly.

    Don't worry, karma really is a bitch. The trick is to have patience. Your patience will pay off. I promise.

    But until them, I will utilize my super power of virtual voodoo to make his life miserable.

  3. Edith Ann - yes, please do that voodoo that you do so well!

    Ignore the jerk as much as possible. He will get his eventually.

  4. Thanks you, guys. Your support is appreciated. Very nice to have intelligent, honest friends.