Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today is the day of our new journey. Our sweet Grandlove will be visited by some people who will ask questions; answer questions; provide information and help us to begin the next phase of our journey.  I am a bit overwhelmed by the endless possibilities as the clock slows down.  Too many Internet searches have left me breathless in my anxiety.  Too many scary possible answers to all the questions we don't even know how to phrase.  All we know is that our precious baby is a wonder to us; his mere presence makes our hearts sing; his laughter stops our fears and his soft, tender touch reminds us of how fragile life truly is.  We are a team who is ready to be the loving support for this little guy.  His world will be challenging, but our team effort will be up for the task.  Keep us in your prayers as we go forward.


  1. Your whole family is in my prayers.

    I know you will get information and information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

    Keep us posted. Ask Mommy to give the Grandlove an extra squeeze and a big hug for me.

  2. Dear Friend...Know that you and yours will be in my prayers as well as MANY others that you will never hear from!!! There is a plan...even if we don't understand it... Your GRANDLOVE has an advantage that most do not always have...his family has the FAITH and SUPPORT that all will be okay...regardless! XOXOXO to you all as you wait for the results! ;)><>njcs

  3. Prayers and love to you and your family always.

    Keep us posted and give that precious curly-haired babe a great big hug for me.

  4. I too will be praying for good news & good health for your Grandlove. He is absolutely precious in more ways than one!

  5. We are keeping you guys in our thoughts. Big hugs to you and we hope you get some good news.