Saturday, January 29, 2011


We took this Sweetness to meet the doctor who has begun our journey in earnest.  All of us were impressed with the honesty of the doctor when he said that what is affecting our little guy is a mystery.  A huge battery of tests began Friday afternoon and more are already scheduled. 

Bright eyes followed all the doctor's movements and quick, little, chubby hands grabbed the shiny instrument used to test reflexes.  When asked if our little guy was always so happy, we could answer truthfully that his mood has been the one thing not affected by whatever he's battling.

We have no answers, but at least we have a doctor who listened, examined, and took our concerns as his own.  I feel hopeful, because once we receive a diagnosis, then we will know the monster that is attempting to steal our precious little boy.


  1. Having an attentive doctor must be a huge relief.

    I pray his work is swift and perfect, and you all have the answers you seek very soon, and that they are hopeful answers.

  2. I am hoping & praying all is resolved quickly. The pics prove that he is a little angel!

  3. Thank you both for the kind words, encouraging thoughts and most of all the continuing prayers.

  4. How comforting to know you have found a Dr. that listens! Prayers continue for answers ♥


  5. So happy to hear you guy found a great doctor. hoping you get some good news soon.

  6. My apologies for the grammatical errors that I just caught today. Sometimes my emotions get the best of my brain and I don't even "see" my errors.

    Thanks for the reading and commenting.