Sunday, April 11, 2010


Since our little guy has been at the vet's there's a different energy in our home. I catch myself waiting for him to come in and wake me in the morning (a regular event.) My husband and he are usually up much sooner than me and at a precise time the two fuzzy headed boys come in my bed for a quick snuggle. It takes the two of them and the promise of a hot cup of coffee to get my day off to a great start. I still am awaken by my hubby and the coffee, but the joy of rising is missing. No one can show such excitement over daily routines as much as my little four-legged furry friend.

Ever alert, the crinkle of a food wrapper can cause him to suddenly appear, his black shoe button eyes tracking your every move. Peel a banana, cut up fresh vegetables or even uncap the toothpaste tube and you would have a little companion.(Needless to say, from now on No Human Food will ever cross his smiling lips, again. That pact has already been signed, sealed and delivered by both my soft-touch hubby and myself.)

So, obviously, this week, all of our daily tasks haven't had the attention of our little shadow and he is so dearly missed. We are anxiously awaiting the latest report from the doctor's office, tomorrow. Hopefully, by mid-week, we should have him home. We don't want to even consider the alternative.

Keep the good thoughts and well wishes sending his way and I will keep you all updated.


  1. Of course you, your hubby, and your faithful companion have my prayers, sweet Ferret. I know he will be home once again, tagging along and making you smile. He will be using these nights and days in the meantime to grow stronger and healthier. Just be there to welcome his doggy kisses with open arms when he comes home.

  2. Thanks, sweet, Sugar. I appreciate your good wishes and warm hopes for a quick recovery and welcoming reunion.

  3. Talked to the vet this morning and the situation is in flux. It's seems like there is "funky" bowl movements and some vomiting. The little guy is a puzzlement, as there are some signs that he's getting stronger and then the floor drops out (vomiting and "funky" bowl movements-which could indicate pertinitis (sp?).

    My first instinct is to go there and hug on my little struggling guy, but it's not a good idea to get his hopes up that he's heading home; so I would be doing more harm than good. My heart is so sad and I try to stay positive and hang on to the encouragment from others. I am to call back after three, so we will go from there.

  4. Ferret - talk to your vet about your visiting your pooch; if he thinks it won't stress your dog out too much (and I'm pretty sure it won't) then you need to be there for your pet. Let him know you are there and that you love him; that alone will make him feel better. You really need to be there, I think. Will do you as much good as it would him. Take care.

  5. Thank you, Sugar for the boost of confidence I needed to request a visit with my little guy. The vet's "girls" are all so wonderful, kind and compassionate to us. So, I went and he was brought up to an exam room and we cuddled for a while. His eyes were bright, he was alert, snuggly and quiet. He looked pitiful, needed a good bath (which is impossible, of course), but to me he looked wonderful. He was responsive to me and when I left he didn't freak out. The assistant cuddled him in a towel and gave me a hopeful smile as I hugged the two of them.

    The medical reports aren't good, but we aren't giving up yet. Our vet is changing the medicine and trying something that might let his tummy get better.

    Hopefully, the cuddles, peptalk and encouraging rubs will bring him back to his full-steam ahead energy level. Keep the good thoughts and prayers headed his way. He's got a long road and we want it to be a road to recovery that brings him home soon.

  6. Tuesday morning:
    It's been a week and things aren't looking very good this morning. Our little guy refuses food and his funky bowl movements continue. The IV is keeping up the fluids.

    I pray that he is healed quickly, as I know that he is tired of being sick. He looked exhausted yesterday. I will go by there today and hug on him and give him my meger words of hope and encouragement.

  7. I don't know if anyone is reading my updates; but it helps me to put my thoughts down.

    Our little guy had another surgery today, because the vet wanted to make sure that he hadn't missed something; as our boy's not getting better. Nothing was missed in last week's surgery and the pancreas still looks inflamed. There's not any peritinitis present and that's good.

    I'll go over tomorrow and spend some more time with him. I'll take a banana (vet okayed it after his disbelief that our dog loved bananas). Since high fiber, low fat and high potasium are all good for him, than bananas fit the bill. Since our little guy doesn't want to eat, maybe the banana will help entice him. I need to snuggle with him and give him verbal encouragement, too. He must be strong and together we can beat this nasty affliction.

    More news tomorrow. Keep the good thoughts, prayers and well wishes headed his way. We need all the positive energy we can get.

    Thanks, so much.

    A very scared Ferret.

  8. Ferret - I am reading; in fact, yours was the first site I checked on the computer when I got home today and was worried when there wasn't a post yet, figuring maybe no news was bad news. I do hope things improve. I am sure he will love the banana tomorrow and love you being there even more. Take care and try to stay positive. Hard, I know, but me and my family is rooting for y'all. We care.

  9. We are reading for updates, and we are all rooting for the little guy.

    Tell him BeeBee says to hurry and get well.

  10. I went to try to coax my little guy to eat; the best I could do was feed him tiny bits like little banana pills. He wouldn't eat, but he would allow me to "pill" feed him. He let out a little burb and Melissa and I were optimistic. Unfortunately, an hour later the little bit of banana that I got down, came back up.

    Medicine has been changed; IV medicine for his tummy in place of pills and that sort of thing.

    We have the option of taking him to A&M, but we trust our vet (graduate of A & M) to do all he can.

    Our daughter and grandlove are coming in tomorrow. Friday we will go to see our little guy and hopefully I'll have better news.

    Tomorrow during the day, I'll go be with our little guy and love on him. I washed his face today with warm water and let him know how much he's loved and missed. Melissa massaged him, while I held his head and loved on him. She did say that he was more responsive today and when she took him out to do his "business" he seemed more alert than yesterday.

    One moment I am hopeful and then the next I discover that my well of tears isn't nearly empty, yet.

    That's all I have for now, thanks for reading.


  11. I hope the roller coaster you are on will end with a happy note, I wish it with all my might. Keep loving your little boy and give him "sugar" from the Magnolia, too. We are thinking of all of you.

  12. Went to see him this morning and he is oh, so tired. I promised him that after tomorrow, he wouldn't hurt any more. Unless he takes a dramatic turn for the better, I will sit with him as he takes his final breath. I pray for strength.