Monday, April 19, 2010

DAY ONE: Our new adventure begins

We picked up our new baby today at the animal rescue shelter. Since the last time we brought home a dog it was to bury him, I wanted to make sure that my husband met me there. He walked Bentley to the truck with the usual orders, "Load Up." A boost up and a looped leash to the handle secured Bentley to the passenger side. A wide smile took over the sorrowful face of my husband. Following him out of the parking lot, I saw him releasing the leash and allowing his new copilot to relax in his lap. Once we got home, he said that Bentley was a bit nervous and being in his lap relaxed him. Training for the driver will continue.

Took these quick photos of our new little guy. He comes to us without any known history, so we are making it up as we go along. It's easy to see that even though he's little, he is full of love, energy and adventure craving genes. Quick adjustments to the gate into the backyard, because his curious nature helped him squeeze past the post.

Even though his first year of life must have been anything but "puppy friendly" he'll learn to play, trust and love. Toys are new to him, but our family is patient and playing can be taught. In fact, I just heard a tentative squeak from a toy behind my chair. We left one of Cubby's toys out and he became interested in this duck earlier today. A couple of new toys, a brush and lots of attention have entertained him today.

I must say that tears are just below the surface, still and yet when I hold this needy little guy I find that I have plenty of left over love to give Bentley.


  1. Ferret,

    Bentley is as cute as he can be! And I think it is neat that you don't really know his history. You can do as you say and make it up as you go. How fun!

    He'll never fully replace Cubby; he wasn't meant to. But he can multiply the joys you had with Cubby. Enjoy your new little pal.