Monday, June 4, 2012


The other day, hubby and I were on a search for plumbing parts and as we circled the crowded parking lot, I spied this beautiful plant on display.  Recognizing it as the same type as one I had admired earlier at the Grandlove's therapy location, I grew excited.  I didn't know the name of the type of plant, just that I loved the delicate, little trumpet-like flowers.  When I spotted the name tag, I almost wept with joy, for the name is the Spanish word for "HOPE."  Now in my front yard, I have a remarkable reminder to never give up, because hope is always nearby. 

Last week was a really difficult week for me.  I felt as if a tidal wave of depression had overtaken me and I was drowning in doubt, hopeless and depression.  It took a couple of days and I brushed myself off and put another foot in front of another to continue on my journey with the Grandlove.  By the time Saturday got here, I had shook off the negative feelings and replaced my tears with smiles.  So, I wanted to share my newest gift for myself, Esperanza, my plant of HOPE.

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  1. Lovely plant and lovely sentiments coming from a lovely lady. When Esperanzas are in bloom, they are outstanding, and grow very well in this area. You see them all over the place, and they always brighten up their surroundings.

    I have a friend, Esmeralda, who named her daughter Esperanza, but everybody calls her "Hopey" for short. She has grown up being called "Hopey", and I always thought Esperanza and "Hopey" were such beautiful monikers.

    Esperanza, indeed. There is always hope. Sometimes it just comes in the form of beautiful yellow flowers.