Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Brave Souls Joined Forever

This picture of my friend as she makes sure that her sweet boy captures every last bit of love he can before he receives his Angel wings. 

No mother has more love for her child than one who will comfort her child as he slips away from constant, excruciating pain caused by the monster known as Leukodystrophy.  Leukodystrophy crushed his milestones and replaced them with pain.  Throughout his short life, he didn't question why he could no longer run and play like other boys; he only brought thousands of people together to fight this insidious monster.  There is no cure and because this is considered a rare disorder, the research goes on better known diseases. 

His mom is my hero, because in spite of her pain of watching her sweet boy die, she has reached back to help my family on our journey.  You see, this will be our fate in a short time.  The Grandlove will be the little boy in the bed receiving the last bit of love we can give him before his time on Earth is gone. 

Thank you, Tadan and Carisa for seeing beyond your pain and helping so many others.


  1. Much love and support to you, Ferret, your grandlove, your heart, and to Tadan and Carissa. Thank you for introducing us to these beautiful people.

    I think that one unexpected result of your journey has been that your world (and your heart's and grandlove's) world has gotten bigger, that special people you would have not otherwise crossed paths with have become a part of your lives. Bless you all for helping each other through this.

  2. Yes, Sugar, how true. We have been blessed by this horrible disease. Kind, compassionate people who are on the same path and give us strength in our daily journey.

  3. I echo what Sugar said--I know there is the 'family' that develops when folks are brought together by circumstances that are overwhelming and stressing. I take comfort in knowing that you have those who truly understand what you all are going through to talk to and draw srength from because I never seem to have the right words. Likewise, I know you have been significant bright spot in their lives. Continue to draw strength from each other.

    Angels, indeed!