Thursday, December 16, 2010


I saw on the news today that the most annoying word/phrase was determined to be:  "Whatever."  Well, it is a bit annoying, but trust me there are more culprits out there.  I will give you my top pet peeve words/phrases and I would love to hear about the ones that cause your eyes to squint and your neck muscles tense. 

When someone has done something for me, I acknowledge the act with either, "Thank you," or "Thank you, very much."  When I express my appreciation, I expect a simple, "You're welcome" not what I usually hear.  What a waiter says when I thank them for delivering my water, food, etc. is, "No problem."  Really, paying customers are a problem and now I know that your service to me is not a problem.  I thought that a server's job was to serve and me thanking was a courtesy.  This "No problem" response to a thank you is not restricted to service personnel, though.  In fact today I was in a locally owned stored and wouldn't you know, when I said, "Thank you" the sales person said, "No, problem."  Yes, she did smile, but that smile was over shadowed by the irritating phrase.  There are even some people in my life who say that phrase to my expression of appreciation.  What might happen is that I will stop thanking them for anything and see how much a problem that is. 

Some people cannot speak without using the word, "like" and I don't mean for expressing fondness for something.  People who pepper their speech with "like" make my eyes glaze over very quickly.  I  lose interest and what's funny is that usually they are unaware that I've stopped listening.

A phrase came into being a few years ago and it ranks right up there with words that could disappear and our collective IQ scores would increase dramatically.  "My baby's daddy" is a phrase that makes me flinch, because too many people find that a normal state of being.  What happened to "husband" or even
"ex-husband," if the marriage didn't work out?  How is it okay to have guys out there with numerous girls having their babies?  What happened to commitment?  What happened to devotion? Heck, what happened to birth control, if the girls can't control their primal instincts?  If the girls would even say, "My boyfriend" I wouldn't cringe as much.

There is one final word that some people use and it isn't even a word.  I even had a "superior" who would use this word on a daily basis.  He would get on the loud speaker and announce, "Quit conversating in the hallways."  Hey, Smarty, there's no such word as conversating. Conversing is what he wanted to say, but he continued to slur the King's English on a daily basis.  What's really sad is that I hear this "conversating" on television, in public places and throughout my day.  I try not to correct the person (don't much like the dirty stares or threats of bodily harm when people take offense to my innocent verbal redirection.)   A little side note here, the spell check just went crazy with my typing "conversating."

I'll be interested in your words/phrases that make your teeth hurt, you shoulders bunch up, or just irritate the heck out of you.


  1. Well, whatever Ferret!

    No problem!

    Like, really, you're sooooo touchy!

    As I was just saying to my baby's daddy the other day (he'd have been my ex-husband, except we never got married...), some folks just don't know how to properly conversate!

    I think you will enjoy this:

  2. LOL....too funny! I needed a laugh!!! Whack is one of those words I despise...also people who type "dat" instead of "that".....New Orleans Super Bowl game couldn't have been over soon enough, that constant "who dat" was driving me completely insane!!! I was rooting against them so that phrase could finally burn in Hell where it belonged. But alas, they won & it still hasn't gone away.

    I am guilty of saying "no problem" in response to thank you & let me explain why.....when I do something that I don't feel is "thank you" worthy & someone thanks me, it makes me uncomfortable, so I respond with "no problem". But, after reading your feelings about that phrase, I have caught myself & now make myself say "you're welcome"'s not the person thanking me that was the issue, it was more about me not feeling worthy of their thanks, does that make sense?

    Baby daddy...don't even get me started, needless to say I hate it, I'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard. "the bomb" is another phrase I don't is stupid really. And, like, yeah, ummm, like, I hate that too. Irregardless would make the list too. My mothers pronunciation of raccoon (ra'coon), railroad (rayroad), wardrobe (wardrove) & Vietnamese (VietLamese) & Philidelphia (philthadelphia) all make me cringe & want to stab out my eardrums.

  3. I cannot believe how many educated folks us e the word 'irregardless'! Makes me cringe, too.

  4. OH MY GOSH dad pronounces Philadelphia as "Philadelthia" (I've never heard of another person mispronouncing the word) and my mom says "thermomether". Both pronounce "ruined" as "roy-eened", which drives me up the wall! They are the only people I have heard talk about seeing the Mayan Roy-eens.

    One of my pet peeves is when a person says "myself" instead of "I" - as in "Jane, Sue and myself attended a meeting....."

    Irregardless is another one.

  5. I have some words that I say wrong, so I am as guilty as other: "Pepto Bismol" doesn't even get the l pronounced when I say it. Don't know why, I just don't. Another word that I don't say correctly is always causes laughter in our home, but I can't help it.