Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reminders of the past: Triumphs of life

I wanted to post a pic of my hand scar and my reminder of a life well-spent, my little Sweet Potato. Told my daughter to take a picture of my hand holding my heart, my GRANDson. He's my life's prize that I value so much. When I look at my hand, that my mom fought to keep, cradling him, my heart is warmed by the legacy given to me by her. Cradling an infant is easier when you have two hands. Thanks, Mom, for this priceless gift.


  1. Precious, precious, precious! He is, indeed, GRAND!

    What a sweet picture.

  2. Two of the sweetest things in life - a new GRANDson and a scar to remind one how precious every day is and to never take anything for granted. You are truly blessed, Truth Ferret.

  3. Thank you, Sugar, for giving me the know-how to post pictures where they belong. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Happy New Year, you two, friends.

    Your friendly Ferret,