Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flexible Traditions: One way to take the crazy out of holidays

When we went out for Chinese dinner on Christmas Eve with our "kids" we decided that we would make this a new tradition for our family. Absolutely delicious food, remarkable service, and relaxed atmosphere all made sure that we want to repeat this experience again. When we go out to eat, our requirements are pretty simple: Lots of yummy food and service that makes us feel like someone cares about our dining experience. We so got more than we bargained for when we went out that evening. Walmut chicken is now my new favorite Chinese dish. Windy, cold weather was beaten back with hot tea and the warmth of our dining companions. Mid-way through dinner, our littlest member of our family woke up in time to flirt with all the ladies and play musical laps with us all. Great dinner and happy moments.

After dinner we took a stoll through a new, huge store in the area. Makes me feel old when I go into those super stores and become overwhelmed by the selections of everything. Dozens of varieties in any department from meat to canned goods. When did we get to the point that we requred so many different types of anything? Yes, I am impressed but still wonder where it will end? Furniture in a grocery store? Yep, they had rooms of furniture for sale. In fact we even registered to win a room of furniture (with the promise that we would give the furniture to our "kids" if we win it. Maybe I can get up off that couch, 'cause I have a hard time with the one they rescued from the curb.)

We have traditions in our family, but I have found that one must stay flexible when your family has grown to include more branches. When you start with a family of three and now there are seven more members, "going with the flow" will help to lessen the tension. Being the understanding one isn't always easy, but it sure does make less problems in the end. After all, I got what I really wanted for the holidays: Being with my loved ones who are healthy, great parents, employed full-time and enjoy each other's company.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Your favorite Ferret.


  1. Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

    Sounds way better and more enjoyable than the one in The Christmas Story!

    Happy New Year!

  2. We went out to eat even though our dog didn't eat our turkey. My decoder ring did help me to figure out the secret codes, though. The message read: "Don't blink or before you know it this sweet little baby will be grown and ordering his own Walnut chicken and Bo Bo platter."