Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Special GPS is Needed for this Journey

As the weeks of this pregnancy pass, I try to wrap my head around the fact that this child is healthy and will NOT suffer as my Grandlove has.  He will meet and KEEP all of his milestones.  He will run circles around me, while babbling toddler words and capturing my heart and soul.  When he has the regular childhood bumps and spills, my heart won't stop and my breathing will continue its regular pace.  Doctors' appointments will be few and far in between and only for the "regular" little people stuff.  Clothes will be outgrown; shoes' soles will be worn out; toes will poke out of ends of socks from running around barefoot outside; food will be thrown from the highchair or painted on chubby cheeks with curious fingers; t-shirts will become so soiled from the multitude of staining items, that even using them as dust rags isn't an option; toys will find tender feet, because they are left out after a play date; crust less peanut butter sandwiches will be eaten on a daily basis; T-ball games will be attended, in spite of the hot weather; report cards will be displayed proudly on the fridge, along with drawings; and stinky boy smells will become daily perfume that will bring a smile to my reluctant soul.  When I think of how different this little person will be, I honestly can't even begin to grasp the reality that will be mine in just a few months.  Hang on with me and we will see what lessons this new journey teaches me.


  1. Congratulations!!!! I didn't know they were happy that everything is going well. When is she due? I too am soon to be a Meezey to a boy, in May. Looking forward to sharing the milestones with you as our boys grow. My heart is full of happiness for you all!!! Candy

    1. She is due the beginning of April. Thank you for the kind words. Little boys are absolutely the best and I thought precious babies only came in pink... ;)