Sunday, March 6, 2011


This is a perfect illustration of my life, right now.  Each delicate plate represents an area of my life that is time consuming, energy sapping and anxiety producing. 

This week, we are going to meet with another set of doctors.  Hopefully, they will have answers to the questions we all don't even want to think of: What does our Grandlove have?  What is the treatment?  What is the impact on our Grandlove's future? 

My precious Grandlove's medical condition is the most important issue in my life.  The yet to be determined name of his condition and the frightening possibilities cause us to spend most of our attention in that direction.  While that is going on, however, we also have a few other issues that drain our resources.

Through no fault of his own, my spouse has lost his employment.  His kind heart and loyalty has been rewarded by the Board of Directors with a swift kick to the curb.  He was deeply hurt because he had brought the business from a rather insignificant non-profit to four times as many clients per week.  I honestly don't know how these supposedly "Christians" justify their actions.  There will be an answering time for them and I know that God is watching the classless, unappreciative people who used up my husband and then shoved him out the door.  They have all benefited from my husband's kindness and yet they don't care that our family now is scrambling to keep the roof over our heads.

Using the Internet has made the job search a bit easier, but one thing remains the same.  Unemployed people have a much shorter "wait time" than the possible employer.  Employers don't hurry and yet each day that goes by is another day that drains our meager bank account.  Our moods have stayed hopeful and we encourage each other in the quest for patience.  Sometimes, I keep the plate spinning and sometimes Hubby does.  When we both become a bit tired, our Heart has an encouraging word and the plate becomes steadily spinning, once again.

When a job is acquired, we are moving to be closer to our Heart and her precious son.  She needs us closer and we need to be closer to help as much as possible.  Whenever we talk of moving, I think of all the junk that has to be done.  Another plate on a wobbly pole.

My dear friends have been very supportive throughout this and I do appreciate them more than my meager words could ever convey.


  1. Your words are never meager, Ferret. I hate that such a lovely person and her beautiful family is going through such tough times. I wish I knew what I could do to help.

    Keep looking for that rainbow. It is there, among the clouds. Those plates may be spinning, and occasionally one may crash to the ground, but they are only plates and can be mended. The person who is spinning them cannot be replaced as can the plate. The person is the most precious thing above all.

    Take care, my friend. Please give me a call if there is ANYTHING I can do for you.

  2. As I told you, I believe you all are being led nearer to where you are most needed.

    You know you are in my thoughts and prayers, and my most fervent prayer is that you all have answers.

    You will let me know when and how you need me, please.

  3. We'll be glad to help -- get in touch if you need us.

  4. Ferret I am so sorry. You and your family are in my prayers.

    A loyal fan