Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where have the good posters gone?

"Where are the good posters?" I asked myself as I was reading the Victoria Advocate. I was shocked, because another "poster" bit the dust, so to speak. The posters who are intelligent and don't nit-pick are dropping like flies. I guess that C.J. Castillo gets a bonus for ever poster she bans on the paper's website. Pretty soon all that will be left are angry, tunnel-visioned, bigots who rage at causes. Gone are the posters who could agree to disagree without name-calling and blaming each other for all the world's woes.

If anyone who hasn't completed the third grade successfully and anger is the main emotion, feel free to comment on the Advocate's website, as that is what the paper is looking for. It would be especially helpful to your postings if you can wag your finger (or AK-47) in an avatar, as the editors seem to really like that image. What ever you do though, don't disagree with two posters (that would be BJ and Kenneth) on the web-site, because if you do, you too will be banned from posting.


  1. Welcome to blogging! Glad to see you on the blogs. Good job!

  2. AMEN, Truth Ferret. Not sure of your ID, but think I have a good idea. Another ex-pat fleeing the repressive regime of the Crapocate. Sweet! Glad you are here.